Installing Manjaro on Odroid N2+

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This tutorial will use the minimal install version of Manjaro to create a a headless server that can be used as a Monero full node. Manjaro is a version Arch Linux that is designed to be more user friendly and accessible. It uses a rolling releases and pacman as the package manager.

Installation Overview

  1. Download the Manjaro Odroid N2+ Minimal image
  2. Download Etcher
  3. Burn the Manjaro image
  4. Boot Manjaro Linux
  5. Initialize Manjaro and update system packages

1. Download Manjaro

From a Linux/Windows/Mac computer use the following link to download the latest Manjaro image: This file will be used in the next step to load Manjaro to either the included eMMC card or a micro SD card.

2. Download Etcher

From the same computer use the following link to download Etcher: The Etcher application is used to burn images to eMMC and SD cards.

3. Burn Image

The Manjaro image will be burned using Etcher to an eMMC or SD Card. This tutorial focuses on using an eMMC because it is significantly faster than an SD Card. The eMMC needs to be attached to the USB to eMMC board and then inserted into the Linux/Windows/Mac computer used to download Manjaro and Etcher.

Attach the eMMC to the USB to eMMC board. The eMMC connects to the USB board with a small rectangular pinned connector. The two devices look like this:

USB to eMMC board
128 GB eMMC

After connecting the eMMC to the USB to eMMC board insert the board into a USB port on the computer that has Manjaro and Etcher. Open Etcher and select the Manjaro image, the eMMC drive, and then flash Manjaro to the drive. Flashing the image should take less than 10 minutes.


4. Boot Manjaro

Once Manjaro is flashed to the eMMC the eMMC will need to be connected to the Odroid and then the Odroid booted to Manjaro for configuration.

  1. Disconnect the USB to eMMC board from the computer
  2. Detach the eMMC from the USB to eMMC board
  3. Attach the eMMC to the Odroid N2+ while the Odroid is NOT connected to power
Odroid N2+

In the above image the eMMC should be connected to the location directly above the letter “L”. Once the eMMC is connected to the Odroid N2+ the N2+ should be connected to a display device, keyboard, and then power source.

5. Configure Manjaro

Once power is connected to the Odroid N2+, Manjaro Linux will boot and initial configuration will begin. The configuration is text based and will involve a few simple steps.